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>PRESS RELEASES / July 23, 2003

Cebu Pacific sets on-time standard

Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) has been flying on time most of the time, setting a standard in the local industry for punctuality that is at par with global standards.

“Cebu Pacific time is on time. Passengers want punctuality and safety and that is what we are giving them,” said Danilo “Bong” Mojica, CEB’s GM.

The key, he said, is careful planning and strict maintenance. “A well-maintained aircraft can achieve QTA time or Quick Turn Around. It is just like a car: you take care of it, it takes care of you.”

Cebu Pacific has a certification from international body AQS 9000 / 121 on maintenance and all other aspects of an airline operation, the only local carrier to adhere, company-wide, to the highest international standards of aviation safety and quality. The airline is also ISO 9002 certified.

Mojica said these require Cebu Pacific to strictly follow systems, procedures, and controls that all add up to a very efficient operation.

Aside from resulting in on-time performance, this efficiency also is a major factor to Cebu Pacific’s steady profitability. “In fact, we are one of the few airlines that has been consistently in the black since our first year of operations,” Mojica said.

The airline reported 103,260 domestic flights leaving on time from 1999 to 2003 with 98,294 flights departing within 15 minutes of its published schedules, 15 minutes being the internationally accepted grace period.

For domestic arrivals, the airline’s on-time performance from 1999 to May 2003 stood at 96.3 percent of all its flights, with 99,450 out of 103,260 flights arriving within the allotted grace period.

CEB’s on-time performance hit an all time high of 97.3 percent in year 2000 for domestic arrivals.

For international flights which begun in 2001, Cebu Pacific aircraft had been departing 95.4 percent on time. Arrivals from abroad were 96.8 percent on time, Mojica said.