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Cebu Pacific empowers Filipino youth travelers with Juan for Fun 2018

Do you think you deserve to explore the Philippines?

Cebu Pacific empowers Filipino youth travelers with Juan for Fun 2018


Cebu Pacific has opened nominations for Juan For Fun 2018. Now on its seventh year, Juan for Fun returns with a new mission of giving young Filipino travelers a first-hand experience at exploring the Philippines and equipping them with knowledge to become an empowered and responsible traveler.


Traveling is an enriching experience - it broadens the mind and gives a fresh perspective as one discovers more of the world around. And over the years, young Filipinos are growing with the desire to travel to different places, to learn new cultures and experience nature.


Cebu Pacific believes that Filipinos care about protecting nature and preserving culture as they explore new places. This year, Juan for Fun is looking for five young travelers with a passion for adventure and hunger for learning. He or she will take two companions to go on a week-long trip around the country, challenging them to step out of their comfort zones and immerse with different communities to deepen their understanding of local cultures, take part in doing something good for the environment, and at the same time, have fun.


To join, you can nominate anyone who you think deserves to fly around the country for an unforgettable week-long trip. It could be yourself or any of your friends or family! Simply submit the story of your nominee along with a picture online via Nominations will be accepted until March 31, 2018.


This year's Juan for Fun teams will be guided by coaches Becoming Filipino's Kyle "Kulas" Jennerman, celebrity and travel vlogger Bea Binene, Youtube vlogger Kimpoy Feliciano, travel writer Jude Bacalso, celebrity and social media personality Baninay Bautista, and beauty vlogger and Youtube personality Wil Dasovich.  


So what are you waiting for? Join now and get the opportunity to discover new and rewarding ways to travel with Cebu Pacific's Juan for Fun 2018.