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Dec 27, 2010 CEB offers yearend sale for Beijing, Brunei, Jakarta, and Zamboanga
Dec 20, 2010 CEB advisory
Dec 20, 2010 The Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEBU) brings back its Cabin Crew Safety Dance, just in time for the holidays.
Dec 17, 2010 CEB ready for more competition with international LCCs
Dec 16, 2010 CEB offers Hong Kong, Brunei, Vietnam and Malaysia seats as low as P999
Dec 08, 2010 Cebu Pacific cuts Beijing-Manila fares by 78% for January-April travel
Dec 03, 2010 CEB cuts fares by 50% in early Christmas system-wide seat sale
Dec 01, 2010 CEB boosts Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro flights with P499 seat sale
Nov 29, 2010 CEB remembers hero with P147 seat sale to any domestic destination
Nov 25, 2010 Cebu Pacific slashes fares to China and Taiwan
Nov 22, 2010 CEB holds seat sale as low as P999 for increased international flights
Nov 18, 2010 CEB offers Bangkok, bus routes seat sale for Jan-Mar travel
Nov 15, 2010 CEB profit surges to P4.8 billion
Nov 15, 2010 CEB passenger growth to Japan up by 56%
Nov 12, 2010 CEB highlights Mindanao routes in seat sale as low as P499
Nov 12, 2010 CEB joins North Philippine Tourism and Travel Expo
Nov 10, 2010 CEB offers Bicol, KL, Brunei and Singapore fares as low as P399
Nov 08, 2010 CEB lowers Hong Kong fares up to 68%
Nov 08, 2010 CEB posts 37% international passenger growth for Jan-Sept 2010
Nov 05, 2010 CEB slashes Pagadian, Ozamiz and Surigao fares to P399
Nov 05, 2010 CEB expands international operations
Nov 02, 2010 CEB spurs China, Macau, Taiwan travel in seat sale as low as P999
Oct 31, 2010 CEB promotes Osaka with P1,999 seat sale
Oct 30, 2010 CEB’s new Airbus A320 arrives
Oct 27, 2010 CEB promotes Osaka with P1,999 seat sale
Oct 26, 2010 Cebu Pacific IPO is largest Low-Cost Airline IPO offered globally
Oct 25, 2010 CEB offers P799 Cebu-Hong Kong seats
Oct 22, 2010 CEB launches web check-in for international flights
Oct 21, 2010 CEB slashes Korea, Japan fares as much as 33%
Oct 19, 2010 CEB offers Cebu hub seat sale as low as P399
Oct 16, 2010 CEB promotes Bangkok as shopping destination in seat sale as low as P1,499
Oct 15, 2010 Not for distribution in or into the United States
Oct 13, 2010 CEB cuts all fares by 50% for December peak period travel
Oct 11, 2010 CEB pushes for Cebu-Korea travel with seat sale as low as P2,899
Oct 09, 2010 CEB marks lucky 10/10/10
Oct 06, 2010 CEB cuts all domestic fares to as low as P499
Oct 04, 2010 CEB puts more than 12,000 Hong Kong seats on sale as low as P1,499
Oct 04, 2010 Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants dances its Safety Demo
Sep 30, 2010 CEB offers Malaysia, Brunei seat sale as low as P999
Sep 28, 2010 Cebu Pacific Air still RP’s largest national flag carrier
Sep 27, 2010 CEB lowers China, Japan, Korea fares up to 60% in North Asia seat sale
Sep 24, 2010 CEB announces all domestic seat sale as low as P299 for holiday season
Sep 23, 2010 CEB holds Clark hub seat sale as low as P499
Sep 22, 2010 Cebu Pacific growth trajectory continues in 2nd half of 2010
Sep 22, 2010 Get the chance to win a roundtrip ticket with CEB’s first online game
Sep 20, 2010 CEB announces Mindanao, Malaysia seat sale as low as P999
Sep 18, 2010 CEB puts Christmas, New Year seats on P99 all domestic seat sale
Sep 17, 2010 CEB offers lowest fare alternative to Singapore in seat sale as low as P1,499
Sep 14, 2010 CEB pushes for more mainland China bookings in P1,499 seat sale
Sep 14, 2010 Cebu Pacific ready to hire 300 new flight attendants
Sep 09, 2010 CEB promotes winter travel to South Korea and Japan in seat sale as low as P2,899
Sep 06, 2010 CEB lowers Hong Kong, Macau fares up to 40% to boost traffic
Sep 05, 2010 Cebu Pacific flies to Beijing today
Sep 03, 2010 CEB continues major domestic lead in 1st half
Aug 31, 2010 CEB offers P499 seats to select bus and ferry routes
Aug 30, 2010 CEB gears for Beijing launch with China, Hong Kong seat sale as low as P599
Aug 25, 2010 CEB offers Cebu international flights as low as P1,999
Aug 23, 2010 Cebu Pacific slashes Osaka, Kota Kinabalu seats by 33%
Aug 19, 2010 Cebu Pacific adds flights to strongest international destination
Aug 16, 2010 CEB drops fares to P499 in select domestic and China sale
Aug 14, 2010 CEB slashes domestic fares as low as P99
Aug 11, 2010 CEB’s Japan, Korea passengers increase in 1st half
Aug 09, 2010 CEB gives bus passengers Airbus P499 deal
Aug 05, 2010 CEB adds flights to Mindanao; offers Davao hub sale as low as P499
Aug 04, 2010 Cebu Pacific announces more flights to six Asian destinations
Aug 02, 2010 CEB offers Jakarta, Visayas, Mindanao seats as low as P499
Jul 29, 2010 CEB flies 45 millionth passenger; celebrates with 50% off system-wide sale
Jul 22, 2010 CEB holds Cebu and Clark hub seat sale as low as P499
Jul 19, 2010 CEB showcases all China flights and more in seat sale as low as P999
Jul 16, 2010 Cebu Pacific Air emerges top ASEAN airline in Changi Airline Awards 2010
Jul 15, 2010 CEB puts 32,000 domestic seats on P320 sale
Jul 12, 2010 CEB offers ASEAN seat sale as low as P999
Jul 09, 2010 CEB expects three more brand-new planes this year
Jul 06, 2010 CEB cuts Brunei, Osaka fares in half
Jul 02, 2010 CEB highlights being the only LCC to all major North Asian countries
Jun 28, 2010 CEB salutes 15th Philippine President with P15 domestic seat sale
Jun 24, 2010 CEB slashes all domestic and Malaysia fares in seat sale as low as P999
Jun 21, 2010 CEB boosts Luzon destinations with P499 seat sale
Jun 19, 2010 CEB Advisory
Jun 18, 2010 CEB promotes Amazing Thailand Grand Sale with P1,499 Bangkok seats
Jun 17, 2010 CEB adds special flights to Naga for Ironman 70.3 Philippines
Jun 17, 2010 CEB flies Manila-Surigao today
Jun 15, 2010 CEB strengthens Cebu, Davao hubs with more frequencies and P699 seat sale
Jun 11, 2010 CEB announces new flights to Beijing
Jun 10, 2010 CEB matches no. 1 RP rank with P1 seat sale to all domestic destination
Jun 09, 2010 CEB begins Manila-Pagadian route today
Jun 08, 2010 CEB goes as low as P1 in Dipolog, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro seat sale
Jun 08, 2010 Cebu Pacific now the Philippines’ largest airline
Jun 04, 2010 CEB announces P999 seat sale to all domestic destinations
Jun 01, 2010 CEB names Brunei as its newest destination
May 28, 2010 CEB celebrates over 50% market share for both passenger and cargo with 50% off system-wide seat sale
May 25, 2010 CEB offers best buy with P999 seat sale to the Visayas
May 21, 2010 CEB advisory on Bangkok flights
May 20, 2010 CEB slashes 50% off Japan and Korea fares
May 17, 2010 CEB promotes Malaysia with seat sale as low as P999
May 13, 2010 CEB pushes for travel to Southern Philippines with seat sale as low as P799
May 08, 2010 CEB flies over 900,000 passengers in a month, breaks record
May 06, 2010 CEB opens online booking up to 4 hours before flight
May 04, 2010 CEB reveals new Manila-Surigao route, offers P999 seats to major tourist destinations
Apr 30, 2010 CEB salutes workers with P382 seat sale on all domestic destinations
Apr 27, 2010 CEB flies to Pagadian today
Apr 27, 2010 CEB encourages air over bus travel with P599 seat sale
Apr 24, 2010 Cebu Pacific reduces fares by 59% in Osaka-Manila seat sale
Apr 23, 2010 CEB cuts Jakarta, Malaysia fares up to 50%
Apr 22, 2010 CEB increases Airbus A320 orders by seven
Apr 20, 2010 CEB announces China seat sale as low as P999 in time for World Expo
Apr 16, 2010 CEB’s on-time rate exceeds 90% for 1st quarter 2010
Apr 13, 2010 CEB offers special P799 seat sale to Bacolod, Cebu and Zamboanga
Apr 08, 2010 CEB official statement on European Union blacklisting of Philippine
Apr 06, 2010 CEB announces P999 all-domestic seat sale
Mar 30, 2010 CEB cheers on PAL's 70th year with 70% seat sale
Mar 26, 2010 CEB offers Bangkok seats for only P1,499
Mar 26, 2010 CEB pushes for Tuesday-Thursday travel in coming months
Mar 24, 2010 CEB invites new corporate and government partners for 2010
Mar 22, 2010 Cebu Pacific offers 54% discount on Osaka-Manila seats
Mar 19, 2010 CEB recommends alternative jump-off points to Boracay
Mar 17, 2010 CEB offers Jakarta seats at almost 40% less
Mar 16, 2010 Cebu Pacific gives helping hand to Mandaue fire victims
Mar 14, 2010 CEB celebrates record-high on-time performance with Singapore seat sale
Mar 11, 2010 CEB slashes up to 42% off Malaysia fares in seat sale
Mar 08, 2010 CEB holds anniversary seat sale as low as P888 for China, Taipei and Mindanao routes
Feb 26, 2010 CEB advisory on system downtime due to Navitaire upgrade
Feb 25, 2010 CEB highlights most number of domestic flights with seat sale as low as P588
Feb 23, 2010 CEB flies to Pagadian starting April 27
Feb 18, 2010 CEB offers almost 2 million seats at 50% off
Feb 15, 2010 CEB highlights select destinations in seat sale as low as P588
Feb 11, 2010 CEB holds special Valentine seat sale as low as P788
Feb 09, 2010 CEB celebrates high on-time performance with international seat sale as low as P999
Feb 04, 2010 CEB promotes early bookings with 50% off seat sale to all destinations
Feb 01, 2010 CEB flies back to Caticlan March 1
Jan 29, 2010 CEB highlights North Luzon flights in seat sale as low as P699
Jan 26, 2010 CEB VisMin passengers get free domestic connection in Hong Kong and Singapore seat sale
Jan 21, 2010 CEB surpasses 40 millionth passenger mark, brings back P999 domestic seat sale
Jan 19, 2010 CEB unveils P788 seats for all Cebu, Davao hub flights
Jan 19, 2010 CEB VisMin passengers get free domestic connection in Hong Kong and Singapore seat sale
Jan 19, 2010 CEB upgrades ISO 9001 certification
Jan 15, 2010 CEB sparks summer travel rush with international seat sale as low as P999
Jan 15, 2010 CEB sparks summer travel rush with international seat sale as low as P999
Jan 13, 2010 CEB domestic destinations up for grabs in P999 seat sale for the summer
Jan 11, 2010 CEB slashes fares to as low as P1 for Clark hub flights
Jan 05, 2010 CEB offers sweeping 50% off New Year seat sale to all destinations

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