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CEB Frequently Asked Questions

Created May 30, 2020

Updated June 17, 2020


1.       Do you have flights this June 2020?

CEB is mounting flights to fly stranded passengers and returning Overseas Filipino Workers, as well as those on essential travel, to a limited number of domestic destinations from June 3-7, 2020.

 2.       To which destinations are you flying to?

Our flight schedule can be referred to here.

This is a developing situation. We may reduce or add flights depending on passenger demand, quarantine conditions and travel restrictions. We continue to work with national and local authorities on restarting flights.

We would like to remind everyone that only passengers with confirmed flights are advised to go to the airport. We will keep providing updates as soon as it's available.


3.       When is CEB resuming its other flights?

We continue to work with the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) alongside other national and local government authorities on regulations and requirements to be able to resume more flights. We will post announcements on our Facebook page and website as soon as relevant updates are available.

4.       When are you flying to international destinations again?

This will depend on travel regulations in each international destination. We look forward to flying guests to international destinations when government authorities lift travel restrictions and travel demand resumes.

5.       How will I know if my flight is pushing through?

Flights are pushing through unless a cancellation notice is sent to your registered email address in your booking. You will also receive pre-flight and online check-in reminders at least 2 days before your flight.

As the situation is very fluid, we request for your patience and understanding as we restart our operations. Rest assured that we are committed to remain agile in adapting to the evolving situation. We urge you to keep posted through our Facebook page and website for updates and announcements.

6.       Is it safe to fly?

Yes. Our priority has always been the safety and well-being of our guests and employees. To provide you peace of mind, we are actively coordinating with local and international authorities, regulators, and health experts, including the World Health Organization and International Air Transport Association to ensure each flight we operate complies with the highest standards set for safety and sanitation.

Our pilots and cabin crew shall undergo rapid antibody tests before they are assigned to operate flights. In addition, all CEB personnel providing you service from check-in to arrival shall be wearing personal protective equipment and practicing physical distancing. This is above and beyond what our regulators require but we have added these measures to provide both employees and passengers that extra sense of comfort.

Furthermore, all CEB aircraft undergo extensive daily disinfection, which includes the misting of the cabin using a disinfectant approved for Airbus jets that is effective in eradicating viruses including the Novel Coronavirus. This process also ensures that all surfaces (such as passenger seats, overhead bins and cargo compartments) are covered and sanitized.

Our fleet of Airbus jets are also equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) filters that are capable of filtering microscopic bacteria and virus clusters, including the Novel CoronaVirus with 99.99% efficiency, like what is used in hospital operating rooms.


7.       How can I best protect myself? 

It is best to always keep your personal hygiene in check. Here are some tips:

  1. Carry your personal alcohol/sanitizer to clean your hands after touching any surface.
  2. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth if your hands have not been disinfected.
  3. Always wear a face mask and/or face shield, especially when in public.
  4. Observe physical distancing.
  5. Limit contact with any surfaces.
  6. If you're feeling unwell, consult a medical practitioner immediately and limit contact with any surface or person.

8.       Are there any additional requirements when flying?

Please be ready to present the usual requirements of boarding pass and valid ID. Before flying, please check all local government regulations of your origin and destination, to ensure compliance to their requirements. Click here to learn more. 

9.       How will my booking, airport, and inflight experiences be when CEB resumes its flights to Philippine destinations?


    • All guests are encouraged to book flights directly via so you can enjoy low fares and minimize the need to leave the house.
    • All ticketing offices shall remain closed until further notice.
    • All ticketing office transactions can be easily done online through our website or by contacting any of our agent-assisted channels, available 24/7.


      Before going to the airport
    • Check-in online by clicking here before going to the airport. You can go straight to the boarding gate if you don't have a baggage. Otherwise, simply pass by our bag drop counter to check in your baggage.
    • Face mask is required for all flights, from entering the airport to arriving at your destination. While any type of mask is allowed, please check the local regulations in your destination for any specific mask requirement.
    • Eat a hearty meal before flying. Our buy-on-board service will be temporarily suspended, except selling of bottled water and serving of pre-ordered meals.
    • Only one (1) carry-on baggage can be brought inside the cabin. Make sure that its size is not bigger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm, which you can personally carry for stowing in the overhead bins.
    • For your own peace of mind, bring your personal hand sanitizers with maximum alcohol content of 70% and not bigger than 100mL.
    • Be at the airport three (3) hours before your domestic flight's estimated time of departure for a more relaxed experience as you go through the new pre-departure procedures.

      At the airport
    • Only guests wearing a face mask and with valid travel documents shall be allowed entry to the airport. Please prepare your itinerary or electronic boarding pass to be shown to the airport security.
    • Contactless temperature check and thermal scans shall be conducted by airport officials.
    • Floor markers are available to aid all guests to follow physical distancing.
    • Sanitizing foot mats shall be provided by airport officials in key locations within select airports.

      Check-in or Bag drop counter
    • All CEB check-in agents shall wear a mask or face shield while on duty.
    • Utilize check-in kiosks available at key airports.
    • If traveling in groups, only the group leader should come forward to check in. Similarly, only one guest per booking is requested to come forward to check in.
    • Hold the boarding pass and ID with the barcode facing the check-in agent for touchless scanning.
    • Sanitizers are available in check-in kiosks and bag drop counters for your use.
    • Counter surfaces, kiosks, and wheelchair handles shall be disinfected by CEB periodically.
    • Observe physical distancing as guided by floor markers.
    • Guests without seat add-ons shall be automatically assigned seats. Passengers traveling in groups or pairs may be seated together, depending on availability of adjacent seats.

      Pre-departure and Boarding
    • All CEB boarding agents shall wear a mask or face shield while on duty.
    • Sanitizers are available for your use.
    • Always observe physical distancing as guided by seat and floor markers, even when boarding through the aerobridge or buses.
    • Listen carefully to the new boarding procedures to be announced by our boarding agents. Only stand up to fall in line when your row number is called.
    • As you approach the boarding agent, present your ID and hold your boarding pass with the barcode facing the agent for touchless scanning.

      Inside the aircraft and while inflight
    • Ensure you're boarding the correct flight.
    • Immediately proceed to your assigned seat and stow your carry-on baggage to the overhead bin or under your seat.
    • All CEB Cabin Crew shall wear a mask, face shield, and gloves while on duty.
    • Sanitizers shall be provided upon entering the aircraft. Adequate supply of hand soap and paper towels shall be available inside the lavatory.
    • Pre-ordered meals shall be served; only bottled water shall be available from our buy-on-board service.
    • Passengers are not allowed to change seats while inflight for purposes of contact tracing. The Cabin Crew, however, may reseat guests for safety and health reasons.
    • Designated seats in the aircraft shall be left empty for isolation of ill-feeling passengers, if any.
    • We will do our best to leave select seats empty for physical distancing, if passenger volume is low. During the initial months of our flight resumption, we expect passenger volume to be below normal levels.
    • Cabin Crew shall frequently clean the lavatory while inflight.
    • Rigorous aircraft cleaning and disinfection shall be done at the end of the day.

      Deplaning and disembarkation
    • Deplaning shall be done per row to maintain orderliness as we observe physical distancing. Listen carefully for instructions on new deplaning and disembarkation procedures from our Cabin Crew.
    • Items for disposal are to be collected near the exit door. Guests are requested to bring these items forward during deplaning.

      Arrival at the airport destination
    • Face mask is required.
    • Health declaration forms or similar documents must be accomplished and submitted to officials.
    • Sanitizers are available for your use.
    • Baggage pushcart handles shall be disinfected periodically.
    • Always observe physical distancing.

    • Customer Care is available 24/7 for whatever concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us through any of these channels.  


10.       How do I know which terminal I should go to for my flight departing from Manila?

Most Cebu Pacific flights departing from Manila shall be operating from Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Terminal 3. Should there be changes to your flight details, we shall send an advisory to the registered email address in your booking, before your flight date.

11.   What happens if I'm denied entry for high temperature or lack of documents?

Guests who will be denied entry to the airport by airport officials for whatever reason can manage the booking online up to two (2) hours before the estimated time of departure to avail voluntary options as indicated above. Alternatively, guests can contact our Call Center hotline for assistance.


12.   What happens if I'm denied entry at my arrival destination due to high temperature or lack of documents?

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Should this happen to you, a new flight must be booked to fly back to your origin. We advise guests to check all regulations before flying to a specific destination to ensure compliance to their requirements.

13.   What are my options if I intend to fly on a different date from what I've previously booked?

We understand that you may not be ready to fly soon. No worries, because we're giving voluntary change options for your booking. This is applicable to non-cancelled flights traveling anytime between June 3, 2020 and September 30, 2020.  

a.       FULL TRAVEL FUND. You can put the full cost of your ticket in a virtual wallet. This fund is valid for one (1) year and can be used as payment for future bookings as far as 2021 to 2022. The amount to be converted to Travel Fund includes fare plus any add-ons and travel tax, but excludes insurance add-on, and other service fees, if any.

For insurance add-on, please call CHUBB directly at +63 2 885 927 74 (hotline) or +63 2 886 408 65 (24/7 medical assistance hotline) for refund request or insurance availment.

b.      FREE REBOOKING. You can avail of one (1) rebooking with waived change fees. Travel period is within one (1) year or whatever is available on the website. A minimal fare difference may apply.

14.   What are my options if my flight is cancelled?

We recommend converting your booking to TRAVEL FUND. You can put the full cost of your ticket in a virtual wallet. This fund is valid for one (1) year and can be used as payment for future bookings with travel as far as 2021 to 2022. You can also request for a full refund, if your Travel Fund remains unused after a year. Simply click here to easily convert to Travel Fund.

Alternatively, you can also rebook your flight with travel date selection within three (3) months from original flight date. We will waive the fare difference and change fees. Lastly, you have an option for full refund.

15.   Will ticketing offices be open when you resume regular commercial flights?

As precautionary measure to limit physical contact, all Cebu Pacific ticketing offices shall remain closed until further notice. If you're booking a new flight, go to to check the lowest fares. To manage your booking, click here.

16.   How can I refund my previous bookings paid in cash?

To lessen physical contact, we have enabled cash refund through money transfer to major commercial banks within the Philippines. Eligible guests who can avail of this option are only those who paid their booking in cash through designated payment centers, as well as Cebu Pacific ticketing offices and airport cashiers. 

Bookings and payments made through travel agencies must be coordinated with your respective travel agency.

17.   What are the requirements to refund my cash payments through bank deposit?

Below are the steps to avail of cash refund:

    1. Fill out our Guest Feedback Form by selecting Request > Cash Refund, then fill out the necessary details about your flight. It is required to use the same email address as the one used to book the flight.
    2. Our Customer Care will validate your submission. If eligible for refund, we will send the Bank Details Form and Quit Claim Form to you.
    3. Fill out the forms completely, then send it back to the same email thread with the following other requirements:
      1. Valid government ID or Passport showing the name of the booker of the flight
      2. Valid government ID or Passport showing the name of one of the guests in the flight, if different from the booker
    4. Only requests with complete requirements shall be processed for refund

18.   How long is the processing time for cash refunds to be credited to my bank account?

We will do our best to process your request as soon as we get the complete requirements. Due to the volume of requests we receive, allow us to process your cash refund within 15 to 30 banking days.

19.   How do I process my refund, if I paid using credit or debit cards?

Simply visit our website to manage your booking online. Your refund will be added back to your account up to four (4) billing cycles or longer, depending on the turnaround time of your bank.