Investor Relations 

Invest​or Relations Programs


Cebu Pacific addresses the various information requirements of the investing public through its Investor Relations Division, which reports directly to the Chief Finance Officer.


Objective: To provide timely, relevant and accurate information to the public
Principle: Transparency to shareholders and the general public.

Modes of Communication

  1. Quarterly Results Briefings (Analysts/Investors/Media)
  2. Annual Stockholders’ meeting
  3. Regular company disclosures
  4. Investor relations meetings (One-on-one Meetings)
  5. Conference and road shows
  6. Responding to calls and emails

​Analysts and Inv​estors Contacts

For institutional investor and analyst queries, please contact:

Trina E. Asuncion
Director for Investor Relations, Financial Planning and Analytics
Address: Cebu Pacific Building, Barangay 191, Zone 20, Domestic Road, Pasay City 1301 Philippines
Email Address:,