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1. Why did Cebu Pacific purchase Tigerair Philippines from Tigerair Singapore?

Cebu Pacific and Tigerair group envisage a broad Asia-Pacific strategic alliance and long-term partnership where both parties cooperate on international routes to and from the Philippines and within Asia Pacific and domestic routes in the Philippines. The alliance will include both commercial and operational collaboration between the two companies to enhance services, network coverage and flight frequencies.


2. Did Cebu Pacific buy 100% or just a majority stake of Tigerair Philippines?

Cebu Pacific has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% of Tigerair Philippines.


3. Will Tigerair Philippines continue to operate as a separate business entity?

Tigerair Philippines continues to operate as a separate entity.


4. Will the brand of Tigerair be used?

Tigerair Philippines will now be called Cebgo effective May 11, 2015.


5. Why are you changing Tigerair Philippines to Cebgo?

The change in name to Cebgo is for the airline to be aligned more closely with Cebu Pacific. That way, there's better leverage with the Cebu Pacific brand and its distribution network.


6. I follow Tigerair Philippines' Facebook and Twitter pages.  Will Cebgo have its own social media accounts?

We encourage you to please follow Cebu Pacific Air's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and YouTube channel, for updates about Cebgo's flights and network. The Tigerair Philippines' friends will be redirected to the Cebu Pacific Air pages, for streamlined information dissemination to all.

Sales and route synergies


1. Why do you operate the same website and call center?

To give our customers easy and seamless access to information on available flights, Cebgo flights may be booked or managed through www.cebupacificair.com and (+632)7020- 888 or (+6332)230-8888.


2. What will happen to my Tigerair Philippines flight? Will this be affected?

Your flight will continue to operate. There will be no change on flight number nor in the terminal you will be flying to/from. There is only a change on the airline's name.


3. Can we book Cebgo flights on the Cebu Pacific website?

Yes, you may book flights or manage Cebgo bookings through www.cebupacificair.com and CEB's reservations hotlines in Manila (+632)7020-888 or Cebu (+6332)230-8888.


4. Can I book and pay for a Cebgo ticket at the Cebu Pacific Ticket Office?

Yes, you may purchase Cebgo flights at the Cebu Pacific ticket office.


5. In the website, Cebgo and Cebu Pacific flights are in one list. How do I know which flight I am booking?

Flights operated by Cebgo will have the airline code DG.  These flights will  be operated out of NAIA Terminal 4, along the Old Domestic Road if originating Manila. DG also currently operates out of Clark International Airport for their Clark-Hong Kong service.


6. Will there be changes in the terms and conditions of both airlines?

Both airlines have their own general terms and conditions. In the future, we may revise the terms and conditions to indicate shared policies between the two airlines, and this will be subject to the approval of the Civil Aeronautics Board.


7. I'm a Cebgo passenger but I boarded a Cebu Pacific aircraft. Why is that?

Cebgo currently operates Cebu Pacific aircraft under operating lease. These are still Cebgo flights, thus operated by Cebgo crew.


8. Will Cebgo rates change?

There will be synergies when it comes to sales and distribution platforms, as well as common routes. These cost savings for the airline can only mean even lower fares to more destinations in a wider network.


9. What airport terminal do I go to in Manila for my Cebgo flight? Cebu Pacific Flights?
Cebgo continues to operate out of NAIA Terminal 4, while Cebu Pacific continues to operate out of NAIA Terminal 3.


10. Can we book Tigerair Singapore flights on the Cebu Pacific website?

Passengers may book Tigerair Singapore flights on Cebu Pacific's sales and distribution platforms as there is an existing interline agreement between Tigerair Singapore and the Cebu Pacific Group.