Airbus A330


The Airbus A330 Interior

Cebu Pacific Air’s Airbus A330 has 436 seats, 4 galleys, 21.5 trolleys and 8 lavatories
Total number of seats: 436 seats, all-economy
Seat Type Preferred Standard Plus Standard
Number of Seats 22 29 385
Seating Space 32” 30” 30”

Airbus A330 Exit Area

Airbus A330 Lavatory

Convex top-mounted mirrors are installed in the Airbus A330 stowage bins
so passengers can easily check for their belongings, and for flight attendants’ security check.

The Airbus A330 cockpit is equipped with state-of-the-art
Fly-By-Wire flight controls and LCD screens.

Cebu Pacific A330 Aircraft Data as of July 18,2016
Make Model MSN Max Seating Capacity REG No. Manufactured Date State of Registry
Airbus A330-343 1420 436Y RPC3341 13 June 2014 Philippines
Airbus A330-343 1445 436Y RPC3342 03 September 2013 Philippines
Airbus A330-343 1495 436Y RPC3343 19 February 2014 Philippines
Airbus A330-343 1527 436Y RPC3344 03 June 2014 Philippines
Airbus A330-343 1552 436Y RPC3345 30 August 2014 Philippines
Airbus A330-343 1602 436Y RPC3346 06 March 2015 Philippines


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