Airbus A321CEO


The Airbus A321 Interior

Cebu Pacific Air's Airbus A321CEO has 230 seats, 3 galleys, 10 trolleys and 4 lavatories
Total number of seats: 230 seats, all-economy
Seat Type Premium Standard Plus Standard
Number of Seats 16 72 142
Seating Space 30” 28” 28”

The A321CEOs of Cebu Pacific boasts of seats made by world-renowned seat manufacturer Recaro. The seats are lighter and ergonomically designed–giving passengers more distance and legroom, while increasing seat capacity by 27%.

Each seat is also equipped with a USB port which allows passengers to charge their mobile devices inflight.

Airbus A321CEO Exit Area

Airbus A321 Lavatory

The A321 CEO is an FBW aircraft mainly equipped with worldwide leading avionics; Rockwell, Thales and Honeywell.
Cebu Pacific A321 Aircraft Data as of June 2018
Make Model MSN Max Seating Capacity REG No. Delivery Date State of Registry
Airbus A321CEO 8190 230Y RPC4111 March 16, 2018 Philippines
Airbus A321CEO 8245 230Y RPC4112 April 27, 2018 Philippines
Airbus A321CEO 8254 230Y RPC4113 April 25, 2018 Philippines
Airbus A321CEO 8269 230Y RPC4114 May 7, 2018 Philippines


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