Key Operating Statistics
Passengers Carried ('000)
2.7% from 2017
Available Seats ('000)
1.8% from 2017
Seat Load Factor
Lance Gokongwei
Message to Shareholders

“Sustainability is a very important matter for us and we are taking steps in ensuring that environmental initiatives are integrated into our core strategy. We are honored to partner with Philippine Department of Tourism to launch the Juan Effect, a sustainable tourism program, aimed at engaging travelers and local stakeholders alike, to mitigate the impact of tourist arrival on the environment.”

Lance Y. Gokongwei
President & CEO
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Lance Gokongwei
Where We Fly
Where We Fly
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Our Vision

We envision stronger nations where cultures and communities are connected, meaningful relationships are built, and lives are enriched by opportunities and experiences we make possible.

Our Purpose

To move people, create opportunities, and broaden perspectives, enabling everyone to lead richer and fuller lives.

Our Values

We put people at the heart of service.


We do what is right.


We cultivate trust and commit to collaboration.


We relentlessly pursue new ideas and better solutions.

Best of Filipino Spirit

We live the best of Filipino spirit at all times.